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International Promotion

International Promotion

Exhibitions and conferences

At ICT Export Easy, we help you to select the most relevant international trade exhibitions to promote your business and your products or services, and we also attend them with you as a visitor or exhibitor. We prepare your trip, accomodation and agenda of meetings with current or potential customers.

Trade missions

If you are interested in selling in a specific country, we can organise direct trade missions in cooperation with Extenda, ICEX or the Chamber of Commerce and sector associations. We will arrange meetings with importers or distributors of interest and we will create a customized agenda for you. We can also participate with you by helping with translations and the subsequent follow-up of the client. An experienced and multilingual member of our teamwill accompany you on the trip to optimize your workand negotiations.

Export Consortia

Perfect for SMEs with concerns and open to take the leap towards foreign trade.

This is a group of companies that decide to join together to access certain markets abroad. These companies share their export department or part of their commercial network. To do so, they have to become a company, establish a set of rules to operate, an action plan, a budget and try to comply with it.

Joint Ventures

If you have decided to set up in a new market but do not know how to do it, at ICT Export Easy we can advise you throughout the whole process: from the search for local partners and identification of synergies to the subsequent negotiation, signing of the contract and its implementation. The creation of joint ventures is a great way of internationalization. Although it involves a greater investment, relying on a local partner considerably reduces commercial risk and improves business competitiveness.

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