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Fomación de comercio internacional

The foreign trade sector is constantly changing due to the new trends in each market and its different regulations. Thus, it is essential to have some knowledge of the areas and tools to tackle before, during or after an international operation.

ICT Export Easy offers you a wide range of training courses:

At ICT Export Easy, we also provide customized training courses on the current scope and foreign trade for companies, business associations, organizations and/or educational centres, among others. Some of the last carried out ones:

  • A training sessions on Internationalization and Digital Marketing in collaboration with AECA (Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals of La Carlota), the City Council of La Carlota, the Provincial Council of Cordoba and IPRODECO (Provincial Institute for Economic Development of Cordoba).
  • Different training courses on foreign trade, the internationalization of olive oil and new marketing trends at the University of Cordoba.
  • Workshops on means of payment in foreign trade operations in collaboration with other international consultancy firms and Chambers of Commerce, such as the Chamber of Commerce of Cadiz.


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